Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Jacksonville

Medical marijuana certifications in Jacksonville

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Florida allows Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Jacksonville to sell  cannabis oil products, to approved patients. The state only certified 14 Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers ( dispensaries ) to operate within the legalized cannabis industry. They have all gone through a rigorous approval process and met the states requirements to begin sales. 

Jacksonville Dispensary Locations

Although only a limited number of licenses have been issued by the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use, each one may have up-to 25 storefront locations in Florida. Since the OMMU governs all dispensaries in Jacksonville and Duvall County, they must be in good-standing and reporting regularly. 

Most Jacksonville dispensary locations are really convenient to all Duvall County patients. They can either come in themselves or order cannabis online, for home delivery services.  You must be an approved medical marijuana patient to visit a Jacksonville dispensary location personally. That means you need to already have an MMJ doctor’s cannabis recommendation uploaded into your current, and verified account, on the official OMMU register. 

Below are all the medical marijuana dispensaries in Jacksonville currently in good standing with the state of Florida’s OMMU. Once you receive a medical marijuana card from the OMMU, you may visit any of these Jacksonville dispensary locations.  

Trulieve medical marijuana dispensaries in Jacksonville

Trulieve Dispensary Locations in Jacksonville, FL

6259 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Trulieve in Palm Coast, FL

28 Old Kings Road N suite b, Palm Coast, FL 32137

Knox medical marijuana dispensaries in Jacksonville,FL

Knox Medical Dispensary Locations in Jacksonville, FL 

9901 San Jose Blvd Suite #3, Jacksonville, FL 32257

Surterra medical marijuana dispensaries in Jacksonville, FL

Surterra Wellness Dispensary Locations in Jacksonville, FL

537 Park St suite a, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Curaleaf medical marijuana dispensary locations in Jacksonville, FL

Curaleaf Dispensary Locations in Jacksonville, FL

6361 103rd St, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Which Medical Marijuana is Legal in Jacksonville Dispensaries?

Since November 2016 Florida allows medical marijuana oil products considered legal to sell. Each Jacksonville dispensary produces its own variety of medical marijuana oils in an array of different products to choose from. So far the following oil-based marijuana solutions is legal for dispensaries to carry. 

Vape oil which comes in personalized vaporizer pens with interchangeable cartridges infused with THC or CBD concentrated oils. Vaping has become a popular way to ingest cannabis oil. Most dispensaries offer pre-filled vape pens for sale in 100MG, 200MG, 300MG 600MG and 100MG amounts. 

Curaleaf dispensary in Jacksonville

Tincture oils are available at every dispensary in Jacksonville. Its typically consumed by mouth, and added to food or liquids, in specific dosages. Tinctures are typically the first way everyone tries oral cannabis oil. Tinctures come with a built in measuring cap to ensure accurate dosing. 

Trulieve dispensary location in Jacksonville, FL

Capsules are popular since they take little effort to ingest and provide very accurate dosing. You can find that each dispensary offers slightly different variations on their capsule product lines. You will find both CBD and THC capsules in Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa strains.

Trulieve dispensary in Jacksonville hybrid capsules

Topicals are very popular among older folks and people that can’t take CBD oil by mouth. They come in patches, lotions, and balms for easy application and fast absorption through the skin. Both THC and CBD oil infused topicals are available in every Jacksonville dispensary location. 

Surterra dispensary in Jacksonville trans-dermal patches