Medical Marijuana Cards in Jacksonville

Medical marijuana certifications in Jacksonville

Welcome to Jacksonville Medical Cannabis Doctors where we provide high-quality care to qualified medical marijuana patients. All of our doctors are certified with the Department Of Health to recommend marijuana for many conditions. Plus, all of our physicians believe in marijuana as medicine, which makes a big difference when you’re looking for medical marijuana cards in Jacksonville, FL. 

Are Medical Marijuana Cards in Jacksonville Legal?

Yes, since Amendment 2 was signed into law in November 2016, medical marijuana cards in Jacksonville are legal. In fact, the entire cannabis program goes through Florida’s Department Of Health. After qualifying with our doctors, and paying any required fees, you will get a state-issued medical marijuana card in Jacksonville.

In order to be compliant, patients, doctors and dispensaries must register and be approved/licensed by the state. The Office Of Medical Marijuana Use is the state agency charged with governing medical marijuana in Jacksonville, and all of Florida. The OMMU will provide approved patients with a login to the medical marijuana registry. Here you can view your status, pay any fees, verify your residency, and see your cannabis recommendations. This is also where you can take care of the yearly renewal of your medical marijuana cards in Jacksonville. 

How MMJ Works

Expect to become approved for a medical marijuana card in Jacksonville when you entrust us with your MMJ needs. We always make sure that you are fully qualified and have the proper paperwork, prior to your appointment. It can be a daunting task to find a medical marijuana doctor that has 99% approvals for patients they see. But you’re in luck,  we don’t take your money, or waste your time without knowing your medical marijuana cards in Jacksonville, will be approved.

  • When you make your initial appointment we advise you to gather your medical records. This is because Florida, specifically the OMMU requires that patients have a current diagnosis ( within one year ) for whatever they are qualifying for. 
  • We make sure you have proof of residency which can be a drivers license, state ID, utility bill, to make sure you qualify.
  • At your first appointment, you will discuss your healthcare needs with a state-certified medical cannabis doctor. They will create a custom-tailored cannabis treatment plan, made just for you.
  • We submit your application fast!
  • You can expect to receive your medical marijuana cards in Jacksonville, within days of your appointment. ( Temporary card )

Our clinics handle everything for you so that your approved quickly, and can start using your cannabis recommendations. We complete and submit an application to the OMMU for you. The only thing you have to do is pay the yearly registration fee of $75.00, the same day as your appointment. Then, all you have to do is wait for OMMU to approve your medical marijuana card in Jacksonville, FL. 

We Offer The Fastest Medical Marijuana Card Certifications In Jacksonville

We understand that you’re coming to us for medication to treat illness and symptoms from injuries. That’s why we are the fastest way to get medical marijuana cards in Jacksonville. Our staff collects everything they need to submit a complete application to the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use for you. When you leave our office you can start counting the days until the OMMU approves your application. Then they will send your medical marijuana cards in Jacksonville via regular mail.

Medical Marijuana Cards 

After you leave our office the wait begins, it’s not to bad though. In the beginning, the OMMU had lots of problems issuing medical marijuana cards in Jacksonville. But now things are pretty smooth, although you still have to wait several weeks for your state-issued, medical marijuana ID card. But don’t worry, because all you need is a temporary approval from the OMMU. Which you will receive within 4-7 days. 

To be clear, the way it works is like this. After your application is submitted to the state it’s typically taking 4, to 7 days for a temporary approval. That is all you need to buy marijuana from a dispensary in Jacksonville. However, you won’t have the medical marijuana card on you.  Making it difficult to prove you are a patient to law enforcement yet, so be careful until the card comes in the mail. 

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